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Jeff Smith & Associates, Inc. has an extensive network and candidate database developed over 25 years working in the industries and technologies we serve. There’s nothing more important to your success than identifying and hiring great people. When you have a critical need for talented people with specific experience and a high degree of expertise in your field, talk with us. Often the most talented people are not actively looking for a job. We have built relationships with those hard-to-find people with the education, skills and experience you need. You will not see lots of resumes for a particular job from us, but those you do see will be on target. We won’t waste your time, allowing you to attend to the more important aspects of running your business. We know, too, that you want timely results. In the majority of our searches, the candidate hired is identified in the first two weeks of a search. This is our Value-Add.

We work on a retained search or contingency search basis, depending on your needs.


Retained Search

Retained Search is typically selected for key senior management positions (C and VP-level), highly critical searches with unique technical and/or experience requirements, and/or searches that are highly confidential. Our Retained Search model is a shared commitment between our company and yours in order to identify, recruit, assess, and hire those individuals that will significantly affect the strategic direction of your business.

Modified Retained Search

This is recommended as the best option for time-sensitive, confidential and/or hard-to-fill positions at the mid-to-senior level. For a relatively small fee paid up front, this offers targeted, retained-like results without the milestone payments associated with a traditional retained search. The small fee is then applied towards the total fee due when our candidate starts work. This guarantees that the recruiter makes this search a Priority over Contingency Searches currently being worked on and allows us to say “we have been retained by our client…”, which carries significant weight with candidates, telling them it is a High Priority Search. This mutual commitment ensures the Recruiter’s focus is maintained through successful completion of the search.

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Contingency Search

For searches that are not considered time critical, but where the client still needs access to the top talent in the marketplace, Contingency Search may be the right model. Contingency Search is typically utilized to fill full-time positions from the experienced Staff through Middle Management levels. The process takes full advantage of our extensive database and networking capabilities. Our fee is due when your selected candidate begins work. While Retained Searches may take priority, you are still assured that your search will get the attention it needs to be successful.

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Contact us for more details on all our search plans. Remember… there’s nothing more important to your success than identifying and hiring great people. We match talent with your opportunity.